My name is Valentin and
I am a .NET developer
based in Lyon, France french flag


  1. .NET Developer Current

    As a member of the "core team", I am working on central and key features like authentication.
    Tech stack: .NET 7/8, Keycloak, Kubernetes + Helm

  2. .NET Developer

    Banks, business apps and internal data gathering and processing.
    Tech stack: .NET 6, Angular

  3. Fullstack .NET Developer

    Development of a centralized administration application for other Deeplink Medical applications. Including authentication, authorization, general administration, health professionals and patients directories management and more.
    Tech stack: .NET Framework 4.6, KnockoutJS


  1. Master in computer and mobile programming

    2 years apprenticeship (3 months at school and 9 months internship) to deepen my knowledge and obtain a master's degree.

  2. Computer programming bachelor degree

    UHA 4.0 is a university in which we work only on real projects for 5 months and then have a 6-month internship. We are working on real IT projects for companies/start-ups/universities and learning mostly by ourselves in order to become autonomous which for me is the most important skill of a developer.



Open-source .NET library to create Dot/Graphviz diagram.
I originally developed it as part of my Platypus interpreter project in order to visualize the syntax tree.
I've rewritten the whole project in 2023 for better extensibility.



My first big personal project, Platypus, is a keyword-customizable interpreted programming language.
Started in late 2015 for a school project with a schoolmate, I kept working on it for several years after that.
Initially developed in Java, I then switched to a better language: C#


My blog

I love to write about my tech-related discoveries and experiments.
So when I have some time, I write an article on my personal blog.



Open-source web UI for Microsoft YARP project (Yet Another Reverse Proxy) with automatic SSL certificates generation using a home-made ACME client.
The backend is made of an ASP.NET Core application coupled with a PostgreSQL database. The frontend is a Nuxt 3 application designed with TailwindCSS.



Fork of Cuberite (C++ minecraft server implementation) adding a .NET runtime host to enable the creation and execution of .NET/C# plugins.
I've always wanted to be able to mod one of my favorite video games, but since the game is made with Java, plugins could only be written in Java (and I don't like it), so I decided to make this project.



Cross-platform (Windows/Linux) C# 2D game engine using OpenGL (OpenTK bindings), GLFW (windows, inputs) and FMOD (audio).
I have implemented some advanced 2D rendering techniques like instancing, GUI system and text rendering (custom freetype and harfbuzz wrappers).
For now the source code is not publicly available.


  • C# / .NET
  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Nuxt
  • Tailwind
  • Java


  • Snowboard
  • Hikes
  • Music (Piano & sax)

Where to find me